CCIE Security Books

My not-so-fool-proof method for studying for the Cisco Security Track; focusing on CCIE prep… And yes, this started as a Recert for my CCIE in R&S…

+++”Official” start date: 2018.05.15+++

  • “With ya shoeeees and ya shirrrrrrt”
  • “Do me a favor, pop that in the can on your way out”
  • “That 50% of a question you just asked; that’s 100% you…”
  • “I only need you to move 6 cables for me (holding up 4 fingers)”
  • “Welcome to the Hotel Cali-forniiiaaaaa”

CCIE Security V5.0 Reading and Extended Study List

Quite an exhaustive list, but it did work for me. I was able to carve a lot of time out for written exam reviews and reading while commuting in the mornings and afternoons. I was also fortunate enough to have the support of both my manager, and the rest of the team to help pitch in, so I could block out times to get some studying in on “slower” afternoons. I hope this list helps you guys out, again it worked for me; your mileage may vary.

CCIE Security Labbing Photos:

All my physical gear from the lab that was hooked up to EVE-NG